History of Iran’s motorcycle industry

Latest update history of the Iran motorcycle industry: 2021/24/04

A Brief History of the Iran motorcycle industry

writer: Mohammad Ali Nejadian



The Birth of a motorcycle industry in Iran

Note: The beginning and end of the year in Iran is the solar, and it differs from the beginning and end of the Gregorian  year. As a conclusion, it is necessary to note to the below elaboration, for experts and motorcycle industry eagers, living outside of Iran

This industry has been established since the late 1340s (1961) simultaneous the foundation of new industries in Iran. Yet, we have not ever been able to ripen self – sufficiency in petrol motorcycles and have national production, and the industry is just as before, active as an assembler, that the cause for it, will be expounded below

Today on the Iranian market most motorcycles are Chinese. Since, due to boycotts and non – import of Japanese motorcycles in the last few years, it has been very good to welcome the countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, and Special popularity India (because of its high quality of its products Compared with Chinese products) in Iran. Of course, since year of 1398, Indian products are not brought in to Iran, as a result of new sanctions against Iran after roughly 18 years

after the sanctions, particularly the last few years, some of the world’s well-known motorcycle brands get in Iran, via third countries or via factories under license in Asian countries, and has caused a new market for the Iranian motorcycle industry with the “indirect” entry of these products in the last few years, and people who formerly because of  the low quality of motorcycles or  unconcern  to the design of existing motorcycles they were reluctant to use this type of vehicle, these new products, would motivate them to buy and changed the idea of some producers,  who before said that expensive products could not be sold in Iran

Number of motorcycles in Iran

There are no precise statistics on motorcycles in Iran, yet according to the officials, there are around 11 to 12 million motorcycles in the country, and according to the police, around 9 million of these motorcycles have been worn out

Number of companies and motorcycle production capacity in Iran

In the year of 1399, about 41 legal personalities, some of whom have many companies and are named in this news as an industrial group, have been active or semi-active

It is foreseen that if there is, in the face of a demand, corporate collection to assemble a million units a year


Why up to now motorcycle localization has not been done in Iran

Today, it is time for the Iranian motorcycle industry to enter a fresh stage of its life, in order to keep its survival, and cause the development of the country’s industry; This step is the relocation of technology to Iran! It is also needed, to do this, manufacturing motorcycle factories, should earnestly establish their own research and extension centers and rise their contacts with universities, as soon as possible

It might be mentioned that in the 1370 s the ” Niroo Moharrekeh Company” and “Beta industrial group(Jahanro)” were planning to produce motorcycle propulsion, and even during the past three years it had been a good measure to assemble the heart of a motorcycle, but because it is not economically viable and it has also not been used to date due to rapid changes in standards

Of course, in the case of electric motorcycles, knowledge-based companies and universities, have been made good  actions, to design and production, Although they have used some of the parts on the market due to they are not cost effective, they are mostly not commercialized and or their production and sales have been very low

The most important agents that have raised the request for motorcycles in Iran in last decades

Motorcycle market in Iran is dissimilar from developed countries on a diverse of uses of this equipment. Principally, in Iran, motorcycles, in addition to being one of the most important items in movement and transportation for people, it is also one of the devices of business (motor courier)

The rise in the costs of the car and the unable to make it for the low – income classes

The limitations formed in cities, to use the car (parking space, traffic plan range and….)

Decreasing the travel time than the vehicle

Cost reduction of commuting

The low cost of repairing and maintenance

Until year of 1372, the motorcycle market has been owned solely to four companies, each with limited product variety. After years of 1371 and 1372, new companies entered the arena of competition, which resulted to a diversity of products and prices

Until the end of the 70 s, motorcycles was noticed as a capital goods by the people

From year of 1379, due to delays in the delivery of registered motorcycles, the willingness of people, for the pre –selling system of companies slowly reduced, and from years of  1380 to 1382, the market for buying and selling motorcycles became installments and checks, and that’s why, it can be said that the eagerness to buy motorcycles increased, since mainly sales representatives purchased checks from companies and sold checks

  Since the end of year of 1381, by the exacerbation of the negative competition between the producing companies, the price of motorcycles unexpectedly fell intensely (about 50 – 65 %)and that increased appeal for motorbikes …

  The rise in coast of gas and its quotas

  Arrival of the world’s products

  Traffic in major cities

   Because of insecure public transport during the Corona era, after this, we will see growth in the use of motorcycles

Study Iranian motorcycle industry situation

The mount is the fourth demand of Iranian people. The first demand is air, food and water, …, the second clothes and third are dwelling. Hence, Iran motorcycle producers need to change their marketing and sales types considering the tough economic condition of today’s society

Conforming to Motorcycle News, Mohammad Ali Nejadian, chief editor of the Motorcycle Industry Magazine, put: The solar year 1399 (March 20, 2020 to March 12, 2021) the Corona virus pandemic impressed all over the world, and imposed forced shutdowns on the world motorcycle industry, however, finally, the Iranian motorcycle industry encountered a rise in upward growth, which broke the record for the past three years

Due to the different seasons of Iran, (spring, summer, autumn and winter) the type of manner of people for shopping and usage of motorcycles is different in each of these seasons. In the first six months of the year, spring and summer, consumers are better than the second six months of the year. But in the last two months of the year, particularly Esfand, when companies sell to their agents, the reason for the advent of spring, New Year and change the model of motorcycles in the documents, is around 40 days before the new year (production statistics of the last few years in the table below classified severally every year)

Motorcycle registration statistics in 1399

In  year of 1399, 211,466 motorcycle device were numbered, the most monthly statistics belonged to Esfand with 53,334 devices. Meanwhile, in year of 1398, 116,536 devices were registered and in total, last year, it had a growth of 81.4% compared to the previous year. As well in Esfand of year of 1398, 15,753 devices were registered, this means that in Esfand of year 1399, over the previous year, around 338.5 percent had grown. It is worth mentioning that, since year of 1397, with an upward growth, more than 40% of the country’s sales belong to Tehran

Process and vision of the Iranian motorcycle market

The most significant subject of the Iranian motorcycle industry for 1400, is matter of obstacles junking worn-out motorcycles and the conversion of Euro 4 to Euro 5, which has been deferred for one year in accordance with the agreement with the government. Indeed, the Iranian Motorcycle Industry Association presented a  timetable  for 3 – 4 years, which cabinet ministers agreed to a year. The cause for the Association’s demand, was that the engine is not built in Iran, and is entered Iran completely from abroad and mainly from China, and presently products that gets to Iran are not yet equipped with Euro 5. There are also other manufacturers’ difficulties for this year to debate, subjects and obstacles and customs problems, banking and sanctions

As cited before, out of the 12 million motorcycles that are expected to be in Iran, according to the traffic police, around 9 million devices in the age of erosion. Now, on the other side, assembling companies must discontinue a worn-out motorcycle device in return for the production of each gas motorcycle device, and on the other side, there is no proper executive mechanism for discontinuing worn-out motorcycles. Of course, there is no motive to owners of the motorcycles, considering the increase in the prices of motorcycles and he cheap price of worn-out motorcycles. Also, according to the law, motorcycle  producers should allocate 10% of their basket of products ,every quarterly period to electric motorcycles based on the number of productions, and If this is not possible, three worn-out motorcycles devices should be decommissioned, for each number of motorcycles device (out of the mentioned 10%)

It is also expected that, if the Iran Sovereignty Collection does not resist the production of motorcycles, thus, due to the causes mentioned above and lots of worn – out motorcycles on the move, that need to be replaced with new motorcycles, also, the epidemic of the Corona and the risk of usage of the public transportation, and rising prices and gas quotas, would gradually increase the use of motorcycles in Iran more than before. But presently, because of the economic situation of the society and the unsuitable procedure of junking, people are more tended to buy and repair used motorcycles

It is worth mentioning that based on the decision of the Council of Ministers in  year of 1397, The age of burn out, for carburetor gas motorcycles is 6 years, injector gas 8 years and electric 12 years

Advanced companies in the motorcycle industry

In year of 1398, four advanced companies in Iran, sequentially, have been, Niroo Motor Group, Kavir Motor Group, Nikran Motor Pasargad Company and Jahan Hemta Cyclet Bonab Company

Also, in 1399, the preferable four companies, in terms of sales rates, sequentially, have been, Niroo Motor Group, Kavir Motor Group, Nikran Motor Pasargad Company and the group (Behro Cyclet and Sorat cyclet)

In year of 1398, the motorcycle industry performed with nearly one tenth of its capacity and in  year of 1399 with one-fifth of its capacity

The causes for the reduction in the production of the last three years and the rise in the numbering of motorcycles in 1399

Including the causes that resulted, to manufacture less motorcycles over the past three years

A: Preventing the numbering of carburetor motorcycles and Import of low quality injector or injector products

Numbering of 733,890 carburetor motorcycles in year of 1395, that was certainly more than the “sales capacity” of that year. Here’s a note that, the sales capacity does not express  “want and need”. In that, people might require motorcycles or want to, as due to economic issues, they can’t afford to buy. Of course, from another point of view, the Iranian motorcycle industry has been produced an average of 620,000 motorcycles, from years of 1386 to 1395, but the fact of that year, should not be supposed to be the same as years before and the demand status in year of 1395. Because, this number in the second half of the year, and was compactly license plate

B: Instance of some closure because of government resolutions and laws that have not been correctly examined and expertized include

Year of 1395: Around 5 months of shutdown, because of a resolution related to stop, numbering of carburetor motorcycles

Year of 1396: Around 6 months of closure, because of lack of production of injector propulsion, by foreign factories

Year of 1397: The first half of the year, 4 months of closure, due to subject of Euro 4, and the second half of the year 4 months of shutdown, due to the plan to junk worn-out motorcycles

Year of 1398: Around 2 months of shutdown because of that, 10% of factory production must be devoted to electric motorcycles

C: Inflation, expensiveness, and shrinking people’s table

Another cause of the slump in this industry is the rise in inflation in Iran and the rise in currency prices during the last few years. It is worth mentioning that, the value of the Rial against foreign exchanges, had a dramatic decline and the price of the currency from the beginning of year of 1397 experienced almost 6-fold growth

Apart from the decline in production over the past few years, other factors that increased the sales of motorcycles in year of 1399, the following can be cited

Special sales of several companies in year of 1399

The prevalence of the corona virus, caused people who did not utilize motorcycles, utilize this vehicle, because of the undesirable condition of public transportation

Expansion the variety of the world’ s products

Extension of fairs and shops of several well-known Iranian companies

Expensiveness and quota gas

Expensiveness of car

Companies that were active and semi – active in year of 1399

In year of 1399, the two poles of the Iranian motorcycle industry, with a big from the third grade, were

Niroo Motor Group (19.4 %)

Kavir Motor Group (17.2 %)

As well, motorcycle producers who get license plates in  year of 1399 are

Niroo Motor Group

Kavir Motor Group (Yektaz Cyclet Kavir & Kavir Motor Eurasia)

Nikran Motor Pasargad

Behro Cyclet & Sorat Cyclet

 Shahin Motor

Dino Motor Qom

Hamtaz.Group(Jahan Hamta Cyclet Bonab & Hamta khodro Azerbaijan)

Salar Gostar Asia

Arman Motor Fars

Matin Khodro

Irandocharkh Arshia

Niroo Moharrekeh

Sahand Cycle Sepahan

Chabokro Alborz

Erfan Cyclet Iranian

Zomorod Cyclet Kavir

Pasargad Cycle Iranian / Fars

Tizpar Toos

Taktaz motor va Ravan cyclet

Sagheb khodro

  Hani Motor Alborz

  Motor industry Shokohieh

  Shababkhodro Rooz

  Pishro Gostar Fars , Pishro Cyclet va Behtaz


  Sepahancyclet Koohpayeh

  Sepehr Khodro

  Kabir Motor Kazerun

 Tosan Mohareke Shargh

 Pegah Motor Binalud

 Pishtaz Motor Tous


 Hamrah Cyclet Jahan

 Oj Parvaz Ma Do Nafar

 Takavar Meybod

 Esfahan Cyclet

Tusan Sepehr Aseman Kavir

 Mashin Sazi Shahin Shahr Sepahan

 Fan Goostaran Khodro Tusan

 Morvarid Saz Khazar

 Sokan Sanat Pars


Iranian motorcycle production statistics since year of 1380

The statistics are recorded in two columns below. The first column is based on information collected by the Motorcycle News from diverse sources during the last few years, and the second column is a statistic that the Iranian Motorcycle Industry Association has. It is worth mentioning, during the last few years, official and governmental sources have declined to declaration motorcycle numbering statistics (even to the association)

By reason of, the aforementioned statistics have been provided from dissimilar sources during the past years, and in spite of the minor distinction between them, the possible mistake cannot be ruled out

Year Number of
motorcycle production
Research statistics Statistics of the Iranian
Motorcycle Industry Association
۱۳۸۰ ۴۰۴٫۳۱۷
۱۳۸۱ ۷۰۹٫۰۸۱
۱۳۸۲ ۱٫۰۰۵٫۷۸۶
۱۳۸۳ ۱٫۳۶۰٫۰۰۰ ۱٫۰۸۶٫۰۰۰
۱۳۸۴ ۱٫۰۶۴٫۰۰۰ ۸۵۶٫۰۰۶
۱۳۸۵ ۸۶۲٫۰۰۰ ۷۸۷٫۶۵۵
۱۳۸۶ ۸۹۵٫۴۷۹ ۸۹۵٫۴۷۹
۱۳۸۷ ۶۰۳٫۸۲۷ ۶۰۳٫۸۲۷
۱۳۸۸ ۵۵۴٫۷۵۳ ۶۲۹٫۸۲۷
۱۳۸۹ ۸۳۷٫۱۹۶ ۸۳۷٫۵۴۱
۱۳۹۰ ۸۱۳٫۲۰۶ ۸۱۳٫۲۰۶
۱۳۹۱ ۴۱۸٫۷۳۳ ۴۱۸٫۷۳۳
۱۳۹۲ ۳۱۶٫۱۴۴ ۳۱۶٫۱۴۴
۱۳۹۳ ۵۳۸٫۶۸۲ ۵۳۸٫۶۸۲
۱۳۹۴ ۴۵۲٫۸۷۱ ۴۵۲٫۸۷۱
۱۳۹۵ ۷۳۳٫۸۹۰ ۷۳۶٫۳۳۷
۱۳۹۶ ۱۵۳٫۰۷۴ ۱۵۳٫۰۷۴
۱۳۹۷ ۱۶۱٫۰۳۵ ۱۶۴٫۵۲۸
۱۳۹۸ ۱۱۶٫۵۳۶
۱۳۹۹ ۲۱۱٫۴۶۶
۱۴۰۰ ۲۷۹.۰۹۹

(2022) Motorcycle production statistics in Iran from 1388 (March 21, 2009) to 1401

Total A Total of 6 Months ۱۲ ۱۱ ۱۰ ۹ ۸ ۷ A Total of 6 Months ۶ ۵ ۴ ۳ ۲ ۱ ماه/سال
۵۵۴.۷۵۳ ۱۵۰.۰۳۶ ۴۱.۹۸۷ ۱۳.۳۸۸ ۱۶.۷۰۷ ۲.۵۴۱ ۵۴.۰۸۱ ۲۱.۳۳۲ ۴۰۴.۷۱۷ ۱۳۳.۳۵۸ ۶۶.۳۷۴ ۱۱۳.۵۷۶ ۰ ۵۴.۸۷۹ ۳۶.۵۳۰ ۱۳۸۸
۸۳۷.۱۹۶ ۲۲۸.۸۹۶ ۲۶.۶۳۶ ۲۴.۵۲۰ ۳۶.۲۷۷ ۲۹.۶۳۹ ۴۸.۲۵۴ ۶۳.۵۷۰ ۶۰۸.۳۰۰ ۸۰.۹۷۰ ۷۲.۵۶۵ ۱۳۰.۲۹۴ ۱۰۸.۸۴۸ ۱۰۱.۶۱۹ ۱۱۴.۰۰۴ ۱۳۸۹
۸۱۳.۲۰۶ ۱۶۰.۰۹۶ ۱۲.۵۰۴ ۱۰.۹۲۰ ۱۹.۸۱۰ ۲۹.۰۴۴ ۵۰.۱۳۹ ۳۷.۶۷۹ ۶۵۳.۱۱۰ ۱۱۵.۶۹۴ ۹۴.۶۷۹ ۱۰۶.۳۶۱ ۱۰۰.۰۵۲ ۱۲۱.۶۷۷ ۱۱۴.۶۴۷ ۱۳۹۰
۴۱۸.۷۳۳ ۷۵.۱۴۳ ۱۰.۹۱۱ ۸.۹۵۰ ۵.۱۶۲ ۱۴.۳۳۸ ۶.۰۴۷ ۲۹.۷۳۵ ۳۴۳.۵۹۰ ۵۴.۸۷۱ ۵۹.۴۴۴ ۵۴.۸۸۷ ۴۱.۸۰۱ ۳۹.۸۸۱ ۹۲.۷۰۶ ۱۳۹۱
۳۱۶.۱۴۴ ۱۴۵.۱۸۲ ۵۵.۴۹۷ ۲۵.۰۶۶ ۷.۳۹۱ ۱۳.۰۱۰ ۲۰.۴۹۰ ۲۳.۷۲۸ ۱۷۰.۹۶۲ ۲۶.۷۱۸ ۳۲.۷۷۹ ۱۷.۴۹۲ ۳۱.۸۷۸ ۳۲.۱۷۴ ۲۹.۹۲۱ ۱۳۹۲
۵۳۸.۶۸۲ ۱۹۳.۱۵۷ ۸۳.۷۷۷ ۴۰.۲۶۲ ۷.۴۷۴ ۱۳.۶۳۶ ۳۵.۴۸۹ ۱۲.۵۱۹ ۳۴۵.۵۲۵ ۶۴.۶۸۷ ۶۱.۴۱۰ ۵۱.۳۹۲ ۷۱.۳۹۰ ۷۱.۲۰۵ ۲۵.۴۴۱ ۱۳۹۳
۴۵۲.۸۷۱ ۱۸۵.۶۰۰ ۱۰۳.۹۴۶ ۹.۶۷۹ ۲.۴۸۵ ۱۳.۲۱۶ ۲۲.۹۶۲ ۳۳.۳۱۲ ۲۶۷.۲۷۱ ۴۳.۵۸۶ ۵۳.۷۹۹ ۴۸.۷۶۶ ۵۳.۴۹۶ ۴۶.۷۴۶ ۲۰.۸۷۸ ۱۳۹۴
۷۳۳.۸۹۰ ۳۷۳.۹۰۵ ۲۴۸.۷۵۹ ۹۷.۸۳۹ ۰ ۶۱۴ ۱۱.۱۶۱ ۱۵.۱۳۰ ۳۵۹.۹۸۵ ۷۹.۶۷۲ ۶۷.۷۳۶ ۵۳.۷۷۴ ۶۲.۹۰۷ ۵۵.۷۳۲ ۴۰.۱۶۴ ۱۳۹۵
۱۵۳.۰۷۴ ۱۰۶.۱۴۹ ۵۰.۰۴۹ ۱۵.۳۱۶ ۱۳.۷۷۵ ۸.۹۲۰ ۷.۵۸۸ ۱۰.۵۰۱ ۴۶.۹۲۵ ۱۱.۳۰۱ ۸.۰۲۰ ۶.۲۷۵ ۴.۵۶۰ ۸.۴۰۴ ۸.۳۶۵ ۱۳۹۶
۱۶۱.۰۳۵ ۹۵.۱۶۰ ۷۶.۰۲۴ ۰ ۰ ۰ ۸.۳۲۲ ۱۰.۸۱۴ ۶۵.۸۷۵ ۱۲.۱۴۶ ۲۰.۱۸۰ ۱۵.۰۳۳ ۱۱.۱۹۶ ۷.۲۶۴ ۵۶ ۱۳۹۷
۱۱۶.۵۳۶ ۶۹.۴۵۸ ۱۵.۷۵۳ ۱۳.۵۸۴ ۷.۴۹۰ ۱۹.۳۸۲ ۸.۱۲۱ ۵.۱۲۸ ۴۷.۰۷۸ ۸.۰۳۳ ۷.۲۰۹ ۵.۳۸۰ ۳.۵۰۹ ۲۰.۴۵۳ ۲.۴۹۴ ۱۳۹۸
۲۱۱.۴۶۶ ۹۶.۶۰۶ ۵۳.۳۳۴ ۷.۴۵۱ ۲.۳۸۷ ۵.۷۴۵ ۱۰.۵۰۶ ۱۷.۱۸۳ ۱۱۴.۸۶۰ ۱۸.۷۹۴ ۱۹.۲۴۰ ۲۲.۸۸۰ ۲۱.۱۳۶ ۳۲.۸۱۰ ۰ ۱۳۹۹
۲۷۹.۰۹۹ ۱۵۷۲۹۳ ۶۸.۳۸۹ ۱۲.۶۲۳ ۱۵.۱۱۳ ۲۴.۴۰۶ ۱۵.۳۵۵ ۲۱.۴۰۷ ۱۲۱.۸۰۶ ۲۷.۳۸۰ ۱۹.۰۴۲ ۲۳.۴۴۷ ۲۸.۷۴۶ ۱۸.۷۵۵ ۴.۴۳۶ ۱۴۰۰
۴۴.۱۳۲ ۴۴.۱۳۲ ۳۷.۲۰۹ ۶.۹۲۳ ۱۴۰۱
۵.۶۳۰.۸۱۷ جمع
تهیه‌کننده: محمدعلی نژادیان

Studying and analyzing Iran motorcycle industry

Predicting a new Revolution accidents in Iran motorcycle industry

In Iran motorcycle industrial we have witnessed an essential Revolution and change since 1381 (2001), that its result was abandonment industry to the new generation and of course of its own genus, that is motorcycle dealers become productive.  But, this time it will be different and the new competitor of this industry will be science and knowledge

If we look back not so distant to the past and look at the examination of the strategies and consequences of Nokia that leaded it to fade in its market, also if we correctly examine the evolutionary processes of Apple and Tesla that are successful today, we will conclude that if we don’t see a series of facts of today’s world the story of the ancients will be for the posterity as well

The entrance of the new generation to Iran motorcycle industry

From the total university experiences and also the continuous activities during the last two decades in Iran motorcycle industry. I have come to the conclusion that this industry is very slowly and intangible and subcutaneously undergoing extensive changes and modifications. And its result will be the emergence of a new generation with a different genus than the majority of the current activists of this industry

The most important reasons of this prediction include

The process of production and inventions of new vehicles in the world

Urban requirements of the today’s world

The development of the science and technology

The entrance of the large and reputable organizations to the field of researches and production of a motorcycle like “Mapna”

The extension of Iranian knowledge based companies

The support of governmental organizations including the scientific adjacency of vice-president from the innovative and creative academic companies

The extensive support from the newfound research teams in the scientific Society, by “technology parks” across the country as well as the wrong process of a group of Iran motorcycle industry activist that they still think they are on the right way, in the near future will lead to a new Revolution occurrence in this industry that its result is an essential paradigm that will born in New Generation in Iran motorcycle industry. A generation that is aware of the principle of the principles of the work like team working,  welcomes new ideas and don’t scape, values science, does research in the world of competition, is just seeking to improve oneself and differentiating the products and the services of its own collection, it benefits from the experiences of the previous generations

The most important effects of the events of 1381(2001) in Iran motorcycle industry

In Iran motorcycle industry we have witnessed and essential Revolution and change since 1381(2001) that because of the negative competitions and breaking down the prices this industry was transferred to the new generation and of course of its own genus, that is the motorcycle dealers replaced previous assemblers and as a result they were marginalized. So that the previous generation doesn’t have the sufficient asset to compete with the new generation and if it does they have no motivation to compete. Now, based on the facts and evidences, this issue will be repeated with another framework and we will witness another Revolution with a much different genus in this industry that it has been predicted that today’s generation will not be able to compete with it

The science and knowledge- The new competitor of Iranian motorcycle industry

Iran’s motorcycle industry that has only the thought of assembling and selling for the past 50 years and didn’t pay attention to the principles of the scientific marketing, an industry that could transfer the technology from all over the world to Iran in the golden times it had. But it lost the chances for progress and development in this field, due to the interval competitions and worry about losing the market and drop behind his colleagues in sales statistic. So, it will be faced with a competitor called “science and knowledge” that it can no longer gain it by money and compete with, it but in the most optimistic case it should be in the service of the science and knowledge and this is a fact that has occurred for most of the Industries and will occur during the history

The reasons most of the today’s generation will give over the field to the new generation includes

Moreover the used to the process of their politics and the strategies for many years, they are mentally exhausted due to the negative competitions and higher stresses that its competitions will be appeared by increasing age

The majority of these generations still think they are on the right way

The strategies of some is still eliminating the competitor of any cost,  and this strategy causes them to harm themselves and of course, the divine traditions that make negative thoughts and malevolence fruitless

The majority of these industries don’t accept each other and this issue causes they hurt each other

The motorcycle assemblers didn’t show mercy to active component makers and for a little more benefit day preferred imports and of course the differences between these two strata will prevent both growths during a long time

Today the world and the life process are changing. Our children face with different trainings during education, they learn different types of skills during the day and night hours and in Cyberspace, which they may think they have more interest and talent in those works and they are more compatible with their spirits, and so they may take distance from the parental heritage. Because the youth are completely aware of this issue that today businesses are formed in the world or are forming which can have a lot of incomes and the clean this imagination from their mind that only your work has a good income

Finally many changes and modifications that we  refer to them will be revealed with the revolution in the production of new batteries and making charging devices i.e. If a battery is produced which is cheap be charged sooner and runs out of storage later and be light, so the new generation in the motorcycle industry will overtake the current generation

Why do some people in Iran find it easy to make an electronic motorcycle

Lack of knowledge about issues such as “artificial intelligence”, ” internet of things”, “smart City” and “information and communication technology” which are the basis for the future urban programming and producing advanced cars, causes some people in Iran say making an electronic motor is easy

When we live in a society where everyone allows himself to use the title of engineer for himself or the others, its results will be that some people see electric motorcycles as children’s toy that just walk and express their opinion. But in order to know what components should we consider in designing and building an advanced electric motorcycle, in the following I provided brief explanations that I would draw your attention to it, dear readers

Until a few years ago when there was talk of making a new product, most of the designers’ attention was drawn to the principles of ergonomics. But today the work of professional designers has gone beyond this and when designing a product they should pay attention to the lots of the items and points because by increasing the population of the world the governments face with challenges related to preparing the needs of their citizens and at the same time preventing the environmental destruction and management policies preventing the appearance of the health problems, reducing the traffic congestion, decreasing crime commitment and … That most of these issues can be solved by using the internet of things technology (IOT) based on the “Artificial Intelligence capability”

It is worth to mention that merging the advanced technologies including the internet of the things stop and information and communication technology (ICT) can make people’s daily life more comfortable and safe which this issue has caused creation of the concept of the smart city

A smart city is one which can improve the quality and operation of the “urban services” (such as energy and transportation) by using different information and technologies that this work causes reduction of resources consumption and saving

In fact, today, for making a comfortable and secure life for citizens there is a need to a smart city and this issue will not be possible without a smart government and the need for a smart government is also using new information and technologies in order to create qn on time relationship between the citizens and governments and the work well in making decisions based on the needs of people. So, one of the needs of government is related to the field of transportation

Communicating new vehicles through smart intelligence and sensors used in motorcycles, bicycles and cars, with the other sensors and technologies that are located in the streets and roads are very important for analyzing information to intelligently control and manage the traffic, finding smart parking, making smart police, smart street lighting, reducing accidents and … become operational. Therefore, one of the important causes in designing and building new productions is the use of new technologies for increasing security and comfortable life for human beings

Finally one of the most important results of a smart city due to the advanced products is saving environment, reducing the energy costs and making more money for citizens

The preparation of motorcycle News collection and the journal of motorcycle industry for transferring experience and helping universities

Mohammad Ali Nejadian: It is for many years that universities have been in designing and producing motorcycles and boots samples have been produced by Azad University of Qazvin, Sanati Sharif University, Amir Kabir University, and other universities of Iran. But, for several important reasons they failed to commercialize these electric motorcycles

Lack of familiarity with the market and Iran motorcycle industry

Lack of people welcome from electric motorcycles because of low qualities of these products that are mainly imported from China

Lack of urban subtractions for charging

Lack of support and investment on motorcycles which are built by universities

 I inform this, given that I have been a consultant and sale manager in Iran motorcycle industry for about 21 years and initiate a factory. I am ready to advice all universities about this industry and do everything I can for the knowledge- based companies

People who say regularly the government should help us to make progress, if there is no excuse, so we conclude that they have prescribed arrange prescriptions for themselves and others. Because the experience has proven that the only way of the Iran industry progress is relying on the science and expertise of the elites

During the last 40 years, each industry who trusted and relied on the country’s elites, we have seen significant progress in that area. Just yesterday, the quantum technology advance was unveiled and at the moment Iran is one of the 6 countries that has achieved to this important technology. So “wanting” that is accompanied by “knowing” causes “being able

The question that arises in the society about why the motorcycle industry hasn’t yet achieved to self-sufficient in the 50 years, has several answers

The governments disagreed with the existence of motorcycle for different reasons including: Environmental Protection organization and the police collection, during different periods, if they were reprimanded somewhere, do usually blame the motorcycle for the air pollution and traffic

The motorcycle assemblers’ look, have been towards governments for progress, not Iran’s elites

The continual existence of negative competitions in the motorcycle industry

۴) The internalization of the commercial thinking instead of productive thinking in their motorcycle industry has caused many damages to the body of this industry and pieces makers. Unfortunately, instead of following excellence in the internal production and acquisition of technology and being proud of their internal achievements, the companies are still competing for more sales

It is worth to mention that the cause of this issue is that the current motorcycle assemblers in the country have mostly being the motorcycle sellers and the maybe if they were manufacturer from the beginning, the today’s situation of the motorcycle industry has been developed more from assembly to production. Of course, currently the assemblers say that we are trying for self-sufficiency and this is hopeful. But, on the condition that they don’t take the way of self-sufficiency wrongly and doesn’t remain as a motto

The assemblers in any industry, until they don’t increase their scientific and environmental knowledge, they can’t make a good progress. If today, Iranian artisans were thinking about the lives of their competitors and compete with each other for maintaining more security, it was hopeful. But, until the sales thinking be more, its result is that they should maneuver on the price and this means they may reduce the quality of their products

It is insufficient to just claim a 2500 years old civilization and be proud that we have an Iranian Islamic identity, because when we can have such a big claim, that’s not only we think about the live and the property of Iranian people, but also we value the lives and Property of all the people of the world. so, when we have had such a point of view, we will think about the production of a quality product and progress and development, in order to have a pure product, will be introduced to a just exporter in the Middle East

When the name of a country is mentioned, the first thing that comes to the mind is important. Assuming, when we hear the name of Japanese products, consequently the “quality” comes to the mind. When we hear the name of Germany products, immediately the “strength” comes to the mind. So, we should at least do something that when the name of Iran is heard, all the people of the word remember “justice” and if this become our criterion, so we will design and produce a quality product

How competition should be

In guild competitions we should consider this principle that one day Iraq was a threat for Iran and today it is a chance and what leaded to this chance was focus on the mutual benefits. today the motorcycle industry is passing through a historical screw and if the activists of this industry don’t pay attention to the issue of the new changes they will suffer heavy losses

The past people emigrated from the towns to Tehran to make progress. But, today the main immigration is from traditional thinking to the scientific thinking. Today the main immigration is from the space of the traditional business to the space of the new business. Today, the main immigration is from the physical stores to the virtual stores and digital economics

During the last years, because the profit margins were higher in this industry, so all thinking was focused on increasing assemblage and sale. Even before, the decade of 80, the companies were able to initiate their work without a special asset and just by one production line. Because in the past, the companies without having today’s standards and rigorous instituted a factory and started to work and had supplied asset through the people with a pre-sale advertisements in the Press. From now on the meaning of scientific, research marketing and advertising activities will become more apparent for the Iranian motorcycle industry

People communicate more with something they can see it. Maybe, many factories say that we sell as much as our capacity, but in a few years at the highest of disbelief day will see that new companies which paid more attention to the principle of marketing, advertising and research and development, will suddenly overtake them

One of the problems of this industry is negative competitions. Of course, if the competition occurs in the context of its real meaning, it absolutely causes making motivation and development, but if it is based on jealousy and the vanity it will has no results except destruction and insecurity. of course, the negative competition isn’t just special to the Iranian motorcycle industry from Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam (peace be upon him) to the present day, man has been subjected to the test of Justice through this seemingly simple competition and everywhere there is conflict of benefits of common conflict the light leak who the of Justice also increases. But in long term, no choice such as cooperation can lead to lasting success. Don’t forget that not everything in this world can be summed up and there is a resurrection before us that will be weighed in the balance of divine Justice

Normally, people and countries that had the same interests have always fought each other throughout the history and there are no Muslims, Jews, Christians or laymen. In fact, countries located in a geographical area or have a common border, moreover they can be mutually beneficial, at the same time they can be a serious threat for each other; like South Korea and North Korea, which haven’t been compatible together for years, are Yemen and Saudi Arabia today, and Iraq and Iran yesterday. Also, in addition to supporting this industry and other Industries, by controlling, planning and formulating especial laws in the field of production the government should prevent from being competitive in a way that causes the destruction of industry, so that we no longer see a critical situation and prices break like in 2002 in the motorcycle industry

Here it should be mentioned that the important issue in the game of life is that we should be a fair and just opponent. This is just more important than winning. The real meaning in competition isn’t to tinker with the opponent and drive him off the field. Rather the competition should be done in a way that it improves the lives of all participants. The competition has one principle and it should be beneficial for all and encourages the participants to try harder. This is the real principal of competition that you’ve applied correctly it can be a productive and creative force. The real purpose of competition means strengthening the abilities and creativities.  The competitions should be applied in a way that its result for the consumer is to improve the quality of the product

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