About Mohammadali Nejadian

Mohammadali Nejadian was born on June 3, 1979 (Khordad 13, 1358) in Tehran. He is a university lecturer and a member of the Young and Elite Researchers Club of the Islamic Azad University. He has authored several books and during his academic years, he was selected as the top researcher in 2014 (1393), the top academic entrepreneur in 2015 (1394), and the distinguished student of the Islamic Azad University in 2016 (1395). Furthermore, in the seventh Festival of Scholars of the Islamic Azad University in 2019 (1398), he received accolades from the Faculty of Management and Economics for being the top researcher, top graduate, and author of the top book.

In 2022 (1401), his article was chosen as the best paper in a national conference at the Islamic Azad University, Qazvin branch. Over the past few years, he has received numerous certificates of recognition from officials for his outstanding scientific, research, and cultural contributions.

He is an accomplished individual with a passion for the Iranian motorcycle industry, having dedicated 24 years of his life to it.

Throughout his life, Nejadian has engaged in diverse cultural activities, starting from his adolescence.

He is currently engaged in the following media and cultural activities:

Owner and Editor-in-Chief of “Karafarin Press,” an entrepreneurship news platform.

Managing Director of “Successology,” a news platform focused on success and personal development.

Owner and Managing Director of “Successology Publications” (Book Publishing).

Owner and Editor-in-Chief of “Motorcycle News,” a motorcycle news platform.

Owner, Managing Director, and Editor-in-Chief of the monthly magazine “Motorcycle Industry.”

In addition to his media-related roles, Mohammadali Nejadian is the founder and owner of “Chatra Moharek” Company. In 2023, he established the Consultation Center and Entrepreneurship Services as well as the Digital Cultural Institute “Chatra.”

Nejadian is the author of seven books, and two of them, “Successology of Economic in Support of Domestic Product” and “The History of Iran’s Motorcycle Industry,” have been selected as top books.

His educational journey began with a diploma certificate in mathematical physics from Marvi High School in Tehran. He then pursued further studies at the Islamic Azad University, earning an associate degree in mechanics with a focus on the automotive industry, a bachelor’s degree in automotive mechanical technology engineering, and a master’s degree in entrepreneurship management with a new business orientation.

Currently, Mohammadali Nejadian is pursuing a doctoral degree in Entrepreneurship.

One of his notable achievements is the book “Successology of Economic in Support of Domestic Product,” in which he proposed a national plan for citizens’ social records based on positive and negative records by the FADA system. This plan received considerable attention from the country’s officials and media, and it was ultimately submitted for examination to the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

For more information about Mohammadali Nejadian, you can visit his official and exclusive website at www.successology.ir.

Email: successologist@gmail.com

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